Open Source Support Centre


The Lyra Advantage

Our Open Source Support Centre offers you professional support for numerous open source projects, which are of great or even strategic importance in the IT structures of many companies.

This ensures the use of Open Source Software (OSS) just like proprietary, commercial software.

Take advantage of the benefits of free open source software. Our open source support centre gives you security.

Security of investment

Are you planning a new open source-based infrastructure and would like to secure your investment? Then talk to us!

Even if you are using software that is free of licensing costs, the planning and establishment of your new infrastructure will still cost money. In a large project, the service segment alone can amount to a few hundred person days – already a significant investment.

Our technical support lets you secure your investment and provides the operational reliability necessary in an enterprise environment.

Service and support contracts

Our service and support contracts take account of your individual interests and not those of investors.

We deliberately use completely different contract and price models to those of countless international software manufacturers and are proud that our fair support offers are a solid and reliable basis for long-term and successful cooperation with large national and international customers.

We also want to provide a model that is completely independent of the usual factors, such as the number of users, the number of CPUs/cores and servers used, or similar limiting factors.

Our contracts are transparent and understandable, are based on a clear price and accounting model, and offer a high level of flexibility. In addition, our service and support contracts include SLA support and all other services. This lets you cover all the Open Source components that we support in a single contract.

Our experts

The basis of our knowledge and our success is our team!

Our high level of technical support is only possible thanks to the fact that a large number of very experienced Linux and open source developers and administrators are permanently employed by Lyra. At the same time, many of our employees also actively work on the development of various open source projects and therefore unquestionably have the expertise to provide this comprehensive support.

Lyra’s employees are amongst the leading Linux and open source specialists in the world. We are closely involved in the international open source scene and as a company we actively support numerous open source projects. When selecting our employees, their involvement in the active development of free software is a key factor.

Want to escape from the cost trap?

Is this something you are familiar with? Does the supplier of your existing proprietary software dictate the prices and rules of the game?

Many of our customers are all too familiar with this situation and have successfully freed themselves from this “vendor lock” together with our help. In addition, the use of open source software provides numerous other advantages:

  • No dependence on a single manufacturer
  • Security and transparency due to open source code
  • Adaptability and integration capability of the software components
  • Competitiveness by avoiding licensing costs

You benefit from our strengths

  • Free software that still comes with guaranteed service level agreements (SLA)
  • Security thanks to the constant availability of personnel and know-how (no absence due to vacation, illness, etc.)
  • Independent SLA support and services under one roof
  • Over 12 years of experience with Open Source
  • Pure service provider with no product sales
  • Direct access to our technology without first having to deal with a call Centre
  • Dispatching exclusively by experienced Open Source developers and administrators
  • Support exclusively by in-house permanently employed staff
  • Telephone, email, ticket system, remote service, and on-site service support
  • 24×7 support 365 days a year
  • Support model based on booked/required support hours
  • No dependence on the number of servers and CPUs used or the number of users
  • Booked hours can be flexibly used for support and services at your discretion.
  • Level 3 support often down to the source code level
  • Demand-based and flexible support contracts, transparent and clear