Lyra marks its presence at Open Source Summit 2018

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February 26, 2018
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Lyra marks its presence at Open Source Summit 2018


On February 8th,2018, Lyra Infosystems attended the Open Source Summit 2018, held at Shangri-La, New Delhi. Acknowledging the importance of open source initiative’ this event celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year.

In India, we see government increasingly use ‘open source’ and it has already started to disseminate more information and offer more services online these days. The Government initiative of ‘Digital India‘ demands that open source should be used more widely not only to save costs & time but also to ensure implementation of some of the ambitious plans effectively. There is growing need to connect new websites and applications to older ones, as well as across departments. To avoid having to rewrite old software code to function with new apps, Governments are encouraging developers to use software with built-in open standards.



The Indian Govt. is spending a significant amount of funds on Open source. The primary goal of employing open source in government is also to facilitate the transfer of data as smoothly as possible. Open-standards proponents said that such approach would actually lead to more innovation within government and better citizen services.The discussion panel also analyzed the success stories that have been achieved and the real challenges that might be slowing down the growth.


Some of the Key Areas of Discussion by the speakers are as follows:

  1. What is the Digital India Initiative, Government Policy 2015 on Open Source, Direction and How Everyone can Participate in Digital India Initiative
  2. Talk about how Partners are Helping Government Leverage the Power of Open Source
  3. Need for an Ecosystem and How it can Help the community
  4. Latest trends in open source and open technologies
  5. Open Source in IoT Architecture – PMS tool build by BBNL

In the discussion, esteemed speakers mentioned that 90% of the people use open source but not many contribute to it and also stressed upon to have a community for open source. The Govt. also shared few sites to refer which they are building up to raise a community for open source.



Mr. Mandar Naik from Microsoft shared that they are contributing to more than 7500 open source projects and following software of Microsoft is now an open source solution.

a) Visual Studio Code
c) Microsoft Azure

Mr. Shahnawaz Alam (BBNL) – shared that they have developed the 1st flagship product of Govt. for project management software managing all gram panchayat and can locate the details when they are active via GIS sensors. The open source component used is Django. We at Lyra utilized the opportunity to learn the latest open source developments, requirements/roadblocks, and trends in the open source arena and also interacted with the top brains of the corporate world.


This event was endorsed and supported by Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), Red Hat and Microsoft. The ‘Open Source Summit 2018’ brought together leaders across government, business, and academia under one roof, who debated on the topics affecting the adoption of ‘Open Source‘ and discuss some of the case studies that have set a benchmark for many to follow.In the future too, we hope to participate in many such amazing events in the domain of Open Source.