Open Source Security & Legal Risk Assessment



Open Source Security Risk Assessment

Lyra’s Open Source Risk Assessment services helps your team learn on vulnerabilities that expose code and customer data. The generated report can assist in addressing security breaches based on severity.


Open Source Legal Risk Assessment

Our extensive legal risk assessment report provides detailed break-up of the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). This documentation of the actual origin of each piece of code finds its use in safeguarding Intellectual Property (IP).

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) or Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools address known vulnerabilities.

In order to go above & beyond to have foolproof threat detection – security issues pertaining to the use of unknown code in the form of open source have to be called out.

Our open source security experts carry out extensive analysis to flag out these underlying threats.

Hence detection of open source security vulnerabilities is integral to knowing what all security risks reside in the codebase aside from the regular SAST/DAST. 

Open Source – while it is free to use, there is usually a license that is tagged to it.

These licenses may or may not have implications, but, when they do come into picture – the impact of inadvertently using them can potentially have serious consequences on the business.

Not knowing what all open source licenses reside in the codebase can be a ticking bomb waiting to explode. There are open source license infringement cases that have been brought to the public foray and there are multiple others that have been settled outside the court of law.

Mismanagement of open source licenses can result in financial damage through very expensive law suits, loss of customers & reputation and most importantly – loss of Intellectual Property (IP).

Our legal risk assessment findings will firstly unearth unknown open source components and help shed light on compatibility of all open source licenses used within the entire codebase.


The Lyra Advantage

Get unprecedented visibility into your code as our risk assessment service makes use of one of the largest open source repositories in the industry, with more than 14 million components and support for 25+ languages and 70+ extensions.