Open Source, or Open to Threats?

Locate and remediate Open Source vulnerabilities with Lyra
January 29, 2018
How to stay protected with Open Source Security Risks!
January 29, 2018

Open Source, or Open to Threats?


The 2016 Future of Open Source Security Report indicates that nearly half the companies in its survey have no formal processes in place to track or manage their use of open source. This is dangerous for applications, since untracked open source can leave them vulnerable to security threats that leak confidential information, such as ‘Heartbleed’ and ‘Shellshock’.

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We at Lyra focus on every aspect of open source, which includes addressing issues of application security. And when it comes to spotting and mitigating open source-related risks, Lyra’s OSS Services can really do the trick.

Here are three steps by which Lyra’s services help you tackle security threats:

Identify Open Source components in your code
Lyra’s OSS Services scans your entire code base and makes a note of all the open source components in it.

● Detect open source security vulnerabilities
Lyra’s OSS Services then maps your open source components and continuously monitors your system for new vulnerabilities.

● Check if the components comply with policy
Lastly,Lyra’s OSS Services flags policy violations in your open source and tracks their remediation progress.

Depending on your organization’s security measures, there are two ways that we can help you tackle and avoid this predicament.

Apart from application security, Lyra aids your organization with any and all open source solutions and support. We will help keep your applications secure, and ensure that your open source components don’t stay TOO open.So give us a call today!