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Open Source Compliance

Manage open source license compliance with ease!

Open source is being used almost everywhere today but companies are aware that they have to meet certain obligations when they are actually distributing open source software. That is why, the need for open source license compliance has gained importance in the recent years. But why is open source compliance so important for companies? The simplest of reasons why compliance is important is because it reduces your costs, helps you be agile and drives competitive advantage.

Companies or organizations that do not have a strong open source compliance program often suffer from errors and limitations in processes throughout the software development cycle which can lead to open source compliance failures.

Gartner reported through a survey that " 95% of mainstream IT organizations leverage nontrivial open-source software assets within their mission-critical IT portfolios — whether they know it or not."

This growth in open source usage will increase complexity in your code thus making it more necessary to ensure the use of approved and supported code. However, in the same Gartner survey, only one third of the participants said they had a policy set in place for open source software license compliance, management, use and purchases.

This lack of effective open source license management and compliance can expose your organization to critical legal and business risks through code that contains known security vulnerabilities; which is not properly licensed; includes errors that are expensive and takes time to fix or does not even comply with your standard corporate procedures and policies. Take the case of Ameriprise or Cokinetic suing Panasonic Aviation or even the Google's Anti-trust lawsuit.

Lyra's single integrated solution for OSS License Compliance and Vulnerability risk/open source security makes it easy to find vulnerabilities and re-mediate associated risk, while you build your products during the complete life-cycle.

How can Lyra help you with OSS Compliance ?

  • Discover, Track and Manage all Open Source code - Software packages, containers, build dependencies, source code, binaries, copy pasted code, commercial code etc 
  • Identify open source vulnerabilities - We can help you detect vulnerabilities in your open source code
  • Hardcore Analysis - Patented scan and package analysis flexibility varying from High level to drilling down into detailed analysis of any code
  • Reduce remediation cost - by identifying vulnerabilities early in the software development life-cycle
  • Manage open source license compliance risk - Lyra can help you manage risks related with your open source licenses effectively
  • Set and Enforce Policies - Automate the Open Source approval process, and set usage & remediation guidance
  • Implement a formal OSS strategy - Lyra can help you tailor and implement a well planned OSS strategy.
  • Proactive and Continuous Monitoring - Actionable alerts via email for newly discovered vulnerabilities in current and shipped open source assets 
  • Integration with your Build Environment - Integrate with popular build tools.Ability to use REST APIs and SDK's to build your own integrations

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