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Open Source Audits

Identify open source license obligations embedded inside your commercial software!

According to third party reports, 95% of code bases contain undisclosed open source while 75% of audits contain unknown licenses.

Today, developers are leveraging more than 50% of open source software (OSS) in their proprietary applications to create things faster, better and cheaper, speed up time to market and drive innovation. In this new environment, security vulnerabilities, data breaches & compliance lawsuits are real concerns. So, you would need to have full visibility for your code.

Lyra has been conducting hundreds of open source audits for companies - big enterprises or small medium businesses. Our Open source audit experts provide you with the most comprehensive analysis making use Open Source Audit tools and a wide range of code scanning techniques. We’ll scan your software’s source code, binaries and dependencies and, if necessary, issue immediate vulnerability alerts.

An open source software audit will help your businesses legal, operation, engineering and security teams to get a bird's eye view of all the open source software and third-party code, along with their associated licenses & legal obligations.

We can help you shed light on the amount of open source code and third-party components & licenses available in your source code. With Lyra' quick and responsive methodology we can help you reduce risk to your organization to potential legal and security issues. We help you develop and continuously improve your Open Source Management process and Audit analysis.

We do 3 levels of Depth of Analysis

For Low Risk  -  Package Analysis, Build dependencies

For Medium Risk  - Scanning Evidence for Prioritized Analysis

For High Risk  -  Source code & fingerprint analysis

Lyra's knowledge base provides highest level of accuracy in the industry. How?

We match the code against the Lyra Knowledge-base database which comprises of 13 million open source components (including data sources and license types) with support for 25+ languages, 70+ extensions. You get complete info about multiple sources of vulnerabilities from large database. We use third-party and commercial detection techniques for Copyright, Email/URLs, code snippets, dynamic search terms, search strings in binaries and other detection techniques to ensure accurate Bill of Materials (BOMs).

How Lyra's audits can help your business, legal, security and engineering teams?

  • Mitigating legal risks and protect your IP by finding unknown or undeclared open source software (OSS) and third party code

  • Discovering conflicts in licenses, security vulnerabilities and other high impact risks that may affect your software

  • Identify encryption technologies that may restrict you the legal export of software

  • Understanding potential issues before they even impact you

  • Providing detailed dashboards to identify and track open source assets

  • Entrusting you with a complete idea of how well software development is managed

  • Providing you complete visibility of the code to avoid unexpected surprises

  • Enabling you to have complete visibility of Open Source Components, Licenses and Open Source Code Risks

  • Recognizing the impact of Open Source Security risks

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