Open Source Audit


The Lyra Advantage

Unlike open source license compliance audit where no security assessment on open source is done, an open source audit is performed to stay in compliant with open source license obligations as well as to stay clear from open source vulnerabilities. They can be carried out by Lyra’s auditing team in two ways either remotely by establishing a secure FTP connection or on-site.

Who is this intended for?

  • Businesses that are wanting to release their product to their end-customers.
  • Companies that are seeking funding from investors.
  • Investors who are looking to fund a company.
  • Businesses that are in the process of being merged or acquired.
  • Enterprises that are looking to contribute to open source.
  • Companies that are accepting software from external vendors and third-party commercial grade solutions.
  • Organizations that are wanting to find out if their codebase has any underlying open source vulnerabilities that they are not aware of.
  • Companies that are wanting to find out where all within their enterprise code does a newly released security vulnerability lie.