Intellectual Property Audit


The Lyra Advantage

Technology companies stay relevant in the market owing to the Intellectual Property (IP) that they possess, aside from protecting IP from cyber attacks and from people physically copying the code away, businesses now need to be aware of potentially losing their IP owing to usage of stringent open source licenses.

These Restrictive Open Source Licenses can come in from anywhere – as more and more developers are using open source today, not many are legally inclined to check on license obligations that get invoked. Also, in a multi-sourced model of software development that include the likes of external software suppliers and with the usage of third party commercial code, there’s always the underlying risk of incorporating unknown open source and with it – unknown open source licenses.

Using our Intellectual Property Audit services – companies are now able to get audit done on products before they can be released to the market in general.

Our customers cut through domains –

Proprietary Software Companies – want to ensure that there is no trace of open source sitting inside their codebase.

Software Services Companies – want to stay compliant to open source licenses that are being used in the product that they build for their end-customers, and are also found out to be wanting to take care of any inadvertent usage of open source and weed out licenses that they cannot adhere to.

Embedded and Consumer Electronics Companies – being the early adopters of open source and as they ship their products in millions, any open source violation can be damaging – costly recalls, legal suits, negative marketing and loss of IP are some of the things that they want to take care of.

SaaS and PaaS Providers – there are many open source licenses that have strict obligations even though there is no physical delivery of the software product for a SaaS/PaaS solution provider.

Having these risky licenses as a part of their codebase would make them a sitting duck for violating obligations, hence, they get their code vetted before making any of their services go live.