Icinga Training

If you are somewhat familiar with Icinga’s infrastructure monitoring solution, then this training is a MUST attend to brush-up your Icinga monitoring basics. If you are clueless on what Icinga is and what it does and how it can benefit you, do not worry! We got you covered!

Lyra Infosystems, an enterprise technology software and solution provider in the Indo-pacific region, has partnered with ICINGA to provide Technical support, Engineering services as well as offer ICING2 training programs.  

Icinga Training Courses

Our Icinga training courses are designed to help you and your team master Icinga fundamentals as well become a master. Learn best practices on how to setup and configure Icinga, how to install monitoring plugins, and much more.

Lyra Infosystems hosts two type of courses – one covering the Icinga 2 fundamentals and the other being an Advanced course for experienced users.

What makes this training special? Why us?


Our trainers are not only involved in training, but regularly work in software and customer projects. We know what is important and we like to share our knowledge – for your success!


With a very limited group size, we ensure an efficient course of our trainings. Of course there is always time for questions. Look forward to your individual care!


Particularly important to us is the exchange of course participants among each other.

Indo-Pacific Premium Icinga Partner

We at Lyra Infosystems can help you with your Icinga services, training, consulting, implementation and support.

Overcome complex network monitoring challenges

Our trained Icinga consultants can help you with best practice implementations, installation and configuration, upgrading and patching, and much more. We have Icinga support engineers dedicated to 24-5 support for Icinga.

Open Source Expertise

With Lyra’s strong Open Source expertise its easier to get top Icinga support. We can help you embrace open source technologies so your developers and IT operations teams can build and ship everything faster.

Need help? Do you still have questions related to Icinga2?

Contact us today to register for the training!