DevOps Tooling


The Lyra Advantage

Over the years, Lyra has helped numerous businesses inculcate Development Operations (DevOps) best practices in their SDLC by consulting on deployment, engineering, integration, implementation, maintenance, and end-to-end support. Right from version control, developer collaboration, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD) and delivery.

Lyra’s engineering team offers an enterprise-level custom-made tool to fully manage collaboration.


Our DevOps tool and services around it include –

Product/Application specific support to develop CI/CD pipelines with using Open Source Software tools including –

  • Implementation of Git branching Strategy
  • Implementation Jenkins pipeline setup from scratch with self service and normal jobs
  • CI/CD pipeline setup
  • ElasticSearch like ELK, Kibana and Log Stash
  • Development of multiple plugins in Jenkins (SonarQube, Artifactory, JUnit, Selenium, JMeter, Git etc.)
  • Integration docker for creating images etc.
  • Setting-up Ansible for provisioning and deploying
  • Integrations, Support, Deployments and Maintenance