CDN Performance

Faster than FLASH!

Take Advantage of EdgeCast’s Superior Performance!

EdgeCast’s Enterprise-ready CDN gives you faster & superior performance to your business. EdgeCast makes use of a more efficient & a centralized distribution architecture to meet the demands of the modern internet world.

You now get to experience speed and reliability with the highly interconnected global network of EdgeCast, featuring massive bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies.


Embrace the best-in-class open-source technologies and fast-routing IP Anycast technology for quicker & lightning-fast performance. Third-party performance tests for HTTP and HTTPS object delivery have shown that EdgeCast has a faster DNS, faster HTTPS, higher cache hit ratio, faster time to render and faster page load times.


Verizon’s CDN Network consists of


Patented Smart Self-healing network

Verizon’s CDN technology automates network fail-overs seamlessly. You do not need to worry about your network going down.The Edge servers perform self-diagnostics and carry out smart self-healing mechanisms without any manual intervention.

3000+ global interconnectionsperformance-cdn

EdgeCast’s connections with various carriers and ISP’s have now grown to more than 3000+ so that your content can be accessed in the most efficient way possible – with the fewest network hops and the least amount of time possible between the end user device & the requested content.

Global Anycast-based Routing

EdgeCast is built using the Anycast network. Anycast takes a very different approach to edge PoP’s location selection. It allows multiple locations in the CDN to utilize a single IP thus making the routing accurate & at the same time more efficient in finding users & delivering content from the best server to ensure an optimal experience to your users.

Fastest growing network capacity

EdgeCast’s network has grown at a rapid pace by almost 340% in the last 29 months.


Super PoP architecture

EdgeCast’s Super PoP architecture helps to serve one or many geographic regions thus delivering top-notch super-popperformance with superior server-to-delivery ratio and over 95% cache-hit ratio. Verizon has over 80 PoP’s worldwide.

Centralized Distribution topology

This distribution topology puts massive computing power and high-bandwidth capacity at centralized locations delivering more from cache to achieve best server-to-delivery ratio.

Horizontally scalable PoP architecture

Horizontal scaling with edge cloud clusters and proprietary L7 load balancing allows you to achieve greater scalability.

Fault-safe design

Proprietary technology combined with above-centralized architecture helps to tolerate disk, server, rack or data-center failure without human intervention.


Equipped with Better Technology


EdgeCast CDN is built to stay abreast of the latest & better technology thus delivering industry-leading performance at the edge.

Patented Proprietary Caching algorithm

When combined with centralized architecture & Super PoP’s, the caching algorithm achieves over 95% cache hit ratio.

Optimized for Object Delivery

EdgeCast’s CDN is optimized strategically to deliver static objects (video, large file, small objects) and other dynamic content.

12 to 18-month Evolution cycles

EdgeCast refreshes it’s CDN every 12 to 18 months to incorporate the latest technologies and addresses IT’s complex and emerging challenges.

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