Business Process Automation


The Lyra Advantage

It is no secret that automation can save time & money, improve efficiency, and help your company keep up with the future of the business world. Our customers take advantage of our bespoke technology capabilities to automate repeatable day-to-day tasks.

Business Process Automation (BPA) exists purely to streamline business operations using technology. Our tailor-made consulting is for

  • Businesses that already have some level of automation – our consultants will hold workshops/discussions to understand the current environment/setup and then circle back with ideas/solutions on how to fully modernize from existing legacy systems, in other cases we have helped fine tune their current processes.
  • Companies that are fully new to automation.

Tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

With our carefully engineered custom-made solutions, our customers are now able to –

  • Boost sales
  • Improve hiring and employee life cycles
  • Integrate other services
  • Streamline operations
  • Build stunning websites and mobile applications
  • Manage finances
  • Amplify marketing

With great focus on flexibility, usability, performance, scalability, and aesthetics, we are a compelling alternative to awfully expensive out-of-the-box (OOTB) solutions that are available in the market.