With increased competition, what do you need to stay ahead of the game?

A time-tested, reliable IT partner.

At Lyra, our unique services in the embedded and networking domain give us the edge. With businesses continually innovating their offerings, our enduring partnerships with industry leaders ensure that you are at the forefront of the next wave in enterprise software. Our capabilities extend across a wide range of IT services empowering us to work with other established partners as well.

Our Partners

We actively seek to establish working relationships with industry leaders whose technology and service offerings complement and enhance the solutions and services we provide to our customers. Our partnerships are based on mutual support and collaboration, built with the goal of making it easier for companies to responsibly adopt cutting-edge technology. Our services and expertise are not only limited to Open Source, we are also experts in the fields of DevOps and ARA, Software Configuration Management, Remote Support Management, and CDN Services. If you are interested in partnering with Lyra, reach us at

Lyra provides a range of expertise to address the customers' needs - Open Source adoption and migration, collaboration software, mergers and acquisition expertise, third-party projects data, extensive open source code listings, security and legal services, to name a few.